Monday, December 5, 2011



At last, I’m graduating from UMS! Hehe.. with a degree in Geology. Time flies so fast. My friend told me that time flies so fast when we’re having fun. Yes. Indeed. I’m having fun although there were some difficulties I faced during my studies.  I would like to Thank God for all his blessings upon me. A big thanks to my family, friends and also my lecturers. They really guide me to become who I am today. It feels so happy when I recalled back what I did during my studies. I have reached one of my objectives in life which is to get a degree in geology.

I am very nervous during my graduation day. There were a lot of things in my mind. I even imagined myself fall off from the stage and I also afraid that my stage photo will looked ugly. ( but I don’t expect it to look like Heidi Klum). But yeahh.. None of this happened. I’m quite happy with my stage photo. It was raining when we got out from the hall. I’m not satisfied because I did not meet all of my friends to take photo together with them. We were busy with our own family. Furthermore,  it was raining. My friends and I plan to take studio photo together  but we failed. Hurmm… But it’s okay. We managed to take some photo before the event and during the hang out with them. I also received gifts from my friends. Thanks friends! Susah saya mau bawa balik tau. 

I took this opportunity to bring my family to discover the beauty of Kota Kinabalu. They went to KK before but they don’t get the chance to see KK with cute tourist guide (me). We also went to Kundasang so that they can feel the fresh cold air in Kundasang. They really overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery in Kundasang. The cabbages and houses on top of the hill really caught my mom’s attention. Hehe.. I took them to Desa Cattle, War memorial and Kinabalu Park.

Well, I just made a history in my life!

Oh! By the way, hehehe… I got a job offered from one of the company in Kuching. The interview was awesome! It was a non formal interview. We were having breakfast together, then I went to the office where the manager giving me a simple lecture about the company, then we went to the site at the swamp area in Matang to see the drilling process where I have to do the logging soon. Before we went back, we were having our lunch together at Grandma’s Bak Kut Teh. My bos is awesome! And friendly + good sense of humour. Hehe.. I will start on Wednesday! 


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  1. Congratulation on your Convocations, and wish you luck for the future, yippie!