Thursday, October 13, 2011

my day

This evening I went out to settle things that need to be settled. =)

The Photo Shop

I wanted to print a passport-size photo for my resume. Once I entered the shop, there were only two small kids. Perhaps siblings. One maybe in Year 2 and one maybe in Year 4. So, I tell her I want to print my photo. I expect she will be telling me to wait a bit because her father was not around. But then, she asked for my pendrive and started to do her job. Uploading photo, resize, simple adjustment and lastly print out the photo. I'm impressed! No doubt she will inherit the photo shop one day.

Celcom Centre

Then, I went to celcom centre to pay my broadband bill. I went straight to the counter because there were no other customer. While waiting for the payment process, a man who maybe in the age of 23-26 came in. He wanted to set his phone so that he could receive/access whatever messages in her girlfriend's phone number. The worker told him that it cannot be done. Then, he left. Hey, how can you do that to your gf? Your gf must be so tension with you. Love is about trust right? How can you love your partner if you do not trust her/him.

Computer Centre

Then, I went to the computer centre to print out my resume and cover letter. The shop assistant told me it is Rm1 per copy. Then, I was like.. Apuu.. mahal mai gak. (so expensive). I told her I just want B&W only. Yes, the price is for B&W. Left with no choice, so I just said OK. I had to pay Rm10! Urghh.. I left my printer in Miri. I need it back~

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