Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my new toy

my new toy.. Xperia X8 All the way from Sri Aman. They insist to buy it for me at Sri Aman. Miri got more choices lah and cheaper.. I don't know the exact price but maybe around rm500-rm650 but I found cheaper price yesterday around rm450. I told them I think first but my father said.. "You want it now or never" I was like &^*^%*()%$^. No other options.

My bro bought this handphone for me. Thanks Bro! I'm looking foward for the next gadget oke bro? Ipad, Galaxy Tab or even new camera lens.. *Evil grins*

Dulu tidak suka, sekarang suka. Yeahh.. Honestly, I don't want this model. I want to buy something like Samsung Ace but it is quite expensive. Almost 1K and I'm sure my bro won't buy it for me. That's why I got this phone. Kahkahkah... Futhermore, I had a bad experienced with new handphone. I lost my Samsung Galaxy 5 after 10 days of purchased. So sad! Macam orang hilang anak!!So far I'm getting to love this phone. It is a smartphone (although I felt it is not smart enough) with android system. You can download thousands of application through the Android Market. I've downloaded twitter, tumblr, bible, angry birds, foursquare and... geological compass (can measure dip and strike.. *wink*) For those who want smartphone with low budget can have this. Haha...



  1. hahaha..mcm org hilang anak bhaaa...sasau sendirian

  2. ya... agak gila jgk la time tu.. sedih.. sy imejin muka org yg dpt tu phone tersengih2