Thursday, July 28, 2011

Internship - The End

I feel so happy today maybe because of my internship will officially ended tomorrow~ Haha.. Felt like yesterday I report my first duty at Curtin.. Hurmm.. Time flies so fast, right? After binding our report and bought photo frame, I went for dinner at a malay restaurant called 'Selera Klate'. The owner and the cook is from Kelantan. Of course lah.. Haha... My sis and I ordered Tom Yam and the taste.. Perrghhh... อร่อย!! (translate). The soup was thick and it was really spicy. I could feel my stomach is burning. We also ordered sotong paprik. Quite nice but the squid was too small. Baby squid? Huhuhu..

After that, we went to the pasar malam (night market). We bought rejected magazine at only Rm3 per mag. Really cheap. My sis bought 3 mags while i bought 4 mags. Digital SLR magazine for only Rm3?? I felt like i want to buy all of them. 4 mags from the night market equal to 1 mag i bought from Harris bookstore. The mag does not have front page but the contents are still good. 100% same as the original. "Don't judge a book buy its cover"!

Then, we went home. I bought photo frame earlier to make simple thank you gift for our supervisor. It's just a photo of Tusan Beach (our study area) and small picture of us at the bottom of the pic. Then, i wrote a simple thank you note.

Is it okay? It is not weird right? Huhuhu.. Okay! That's all folks! Thanks for reading.


  1. and that photoframe is supercute souvenir!
    you're always that creative, do! =)

  2. untung kan klu jd bf sy.. mesti selalu kena buat benda2 cute begini.. kahkahkahkahkah..(syuk sendiri)