Friday, July 15, 2011

i miss you guys!

Hurmm... So bored.. So I've made this simple animated GIF. Hahaha.. Sorry guys if the 'picture' of you is not really the same.. That's all. So long kan didn't wara2 together. Of course lah, because we are far apart. Meet all of you on November okeh?? Thinking of coming to KK on 23rd or 24th of November. We need to update stories. Yes, we could update through facebook or twitter but the feeling is not the same. Oh ya.. I hope you guys do have a plan before or after convo.. Not wedding plan, career plan whatsoever.. Hehehe.. Plan to enjoy ourselves.. Yaii.. apa yg aku tulis ni.



  1. I miss u too!!and oh!my hair is curl sda..hahahha

  2. yes... curl suda... haha.. klu tidak.. style langsir tu sy buat