Sunday, March 13, 2011

Came, Saw, Conquered

Yeah.. Today I’m thinking of blogging. So long I didn’t update my blog. On 23rd-24th January I climbed Mount Kinabalu for the second time. Yes, it was my second time after my first attempt failed! But I learnt that height has nothing to do with it, but your strength that counts. This activity was organized by Geology Club as our annual club activity (Scientific Expedition.

The total amount was RM224. At first we only paid RM195 but after we reached Kinabalu Park, we were informed to pay for the mountain guide fee and also transportation to Timpohon Gate. It was much unexpected because they didn’t inform us before. So, we collected some money in the bus! After all the matter was done, we heading to Timpohon Gate at started to climb around 11 am. 11 am was quite late. We were staying at Gunting Lagadan. Gunting Lagadan is 200 metres from Laban Rata and from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata is 6 kilometres. For those who walk fast, they reached Laban Rata around 3-5 pm. But for those who walk slowly (including me) we reached Laban Rata around 6.30 pm. Dinner was served at Laban Rata until 7.30 pm. We filled our stomach and went to Gunting Lagadan to have a good night rest.

Along the way.. With Van & Sia

There were 4 double deckers at each room at Gunting Lagadan. It was really cold. No one dare to take a bath because the water heater was not functioning. We only washed our face and feet, then quickly change our clothes. As for myself, i wore a long sleeve T-shirt for my first layer, then a short sleeve for the second layer, a Hunt jacket (quite thick) then lastly a North Face wind breaker. I also put on my gloves and socks. I didn’t have a good night sleep because of the weather. Plus it was raining. Around 1.30 all of us getting ready, preparing everything needed such as clothes, face mask, head lamp, water and also snack. Then we went to Laban Rata for supper and also briefing by our mountain guide. We started our climb at 3 am. After a few hundred metres, some of us give up and went to the hostel. I just keep walking with friends. Stop for few minutes and start walking again. It was very tiring. From Laban Rata to the Low’s Peak is about 2.7 kilometres. We had to rely on the rope provided along the granite cliff. It was really dangerous. Once you slip, I think you will be dead.

The last check point is call Sayat-sayat. The person in charge will tick your name at the name list. All the climbers must reach Sayat-sayat checkpoint before or at 5 am. Nida and I, were left behind. Only both of us were from the geology team. We did not know where the others are. It was dark we only rely on our head lamp. But there were many climbers from West Malaysia and Japan. We just followed them slowly. The wind was really strong and it slowing down our movement. My small towel which I used as a face mask was lost and I had to use my second glove to cover my nose. The air was cold and I did not want to breathe that cold air. It is not good for the lungs.

We had to fight our own physical and emotional. A few times my friend want to give up but I kept on encouraging her to go on. A few hundred metres away, I could see the Low’s Peak and some people climbing towards the peak. At that moment my friend she is giving up. I stand there a look at the peak. I told her I am not giving up. The peak just a few hundred metres away and this is my second attempt and I don’t want to fail. My other friend who left behind walk passed us. He said he’s not giving up either although it is consider late to climb the peak. I felt my strength suddenly recovered. Thank God! Then I decided to go on and my friend followed me too. Along the way, I met my coursemate. They were going down from the peak. They also give us courage to keep on climbing.

I didn’t realize this is the longest post! Hahaha.. Make it short, my friend and I (and a young lady) was the last person on Earth reached Mount Kinabalu that day. Yeah.. It can be a history for me. Haha.. I felt so GREAT at that moment and it was freezing cold. It was the most amazing and wonderful experienced! We took few photographs as a memory. I can show it to my kids someday and tell them about the great climbing. THE END!


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