Thursday, November 18, 2010

new stuff

my new Canon EOS 500D...

Hahaha.. I just bought myself a new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).
This is my first DSLR actually.
My first digital camera was Ben-Q 5 megapixel.
Then, i bought Canon Powershot 8 megapixel and this is the latest.

A little bit about this dslr. It has 15 megapixel, 18-55mm lens, 9 point AF, 3.0" LCD screen. You can view it here -->

I always wanted to have a DSLR since 2008 and now my wish granted.
Oh.. I'm loving it. Taking photos is easy but to produce a high quality picture is hard.
I will keep on practicing.. =).

I got a lot of advice and encouragement from my friends, experienced photographer , my sister is very supportive and even my pastor. Thanx.

Hope you guys can see my pictures soon.


  1. perghhh!!! si doro!! hebat! hahahaaa...

    my url change already okeh.

  2. lawa la doro....=P ku book lok okeyh! nyadi mudil d sebulan...haha!~