Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Iban Traditional Dance (Ngajat)


Okey.. Let me share a little bit about my culture. I am an Iban girl. This dance is call"Ngajat". This video was taken on 2008. My sister joined a traditional dance class and they were asked to do a performance after they finished the class. Sorry guys, no Iban boys in this video. Haha.. This dance is now performed to celebrate 'Gawai' (Harvest Festival) or to welcome the guest at the longhouse.‘Tawak’(Gongs) and other ethnic percussion instruments such as the ‘enkerumung’, ‘bebendai’ and ‘Ketebung’ provide the music.


  1. Can u .. ngajat ?

    Our culture is unique and we need to preserve it. Cheers!

  2. yes.. I can.. but not as good as the dancer at Kampung Budaya. :P

  3. hey..would you mind if i interview you here :) ?
    my friends and i are doing a research on tarian ngajat here in University Of Malaya. i am so excited to get the details about it from you since i found your would like to ask you few reply me as soon as possible :)