Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hello 2012!

Hi... everyone! Semina ka madah Selamat Tahun Baru 2012! New year, new resolutions ko orang. Tahniah ngagai bala ke udah mencapai target sida 2011. Ngagai sida ke bedau mencapai target nya. Enda ngawa.. tauk dibai ngagai taun baru tu.. Tang cara kitai ka mencapai target nya tauk diubah, ngena strategi lain. Ngambika berkesan agi meh. Hehe..


Nyadi ba aku empu, 2 iti target ke paling besai ba taun 2011 udah dicapai aku.. Keterubah ya graduate, kedua iya nya bulih keja. Syukur ngagai Tuhan laban berkat ya aku ulih mencapai target nya. Pasal kerja nya, nyauka enda ampit tudah aku ngau orang bulih keja dalam taun 2011. Antara orang ke laun meh tudah aku. Syukur amat2.

Ok lah.. Nya aja ari aku. Ucapan ringkas taun baru. Hahaha.. See ya!

Monday, December 5, 2011



At last, I’m graduating from UMS! Hehe.. with a degree in Geology. Time flies so fast. My friend told me that time flies so fast when we’re having fun. Yes. Indeed. I’m having fun although there were some difficulties I faced during my studies.  I would like to Thank God for all his blessings upon me. A big thanks to my family, friends and also my lecturers. They really guide me to become who I am today. It feels so happy when I recalled back what I did during my studies. I have reached one of my objectives in life which is to get a degree in geology.

I am very nervous during my graduation day. There were a lot of things in my mind. I even imagined myself fall off from the stage and I also afraid that my stage photo will looked ugly. ( but I don’t expect it to look like Heidi Klum). But yeahh.. None of this happened. I’m quite happy with my stage photo. It was raining when we got out from the hall. I’m not satisfied because I did not meet all of my friends to take photo together with them. We were busy with our own family. Furthermore,  it was raining. My friends and I plan to take studio photo together  but we failed. Hurmm… But it’s okay. We managed to take some photo before the event and during the hang out with them. I also received gifts from my friends. Thanks friends! Susah saya mau bawa balik tau. 

I took this opportunity to bring my family to discover the beauty of Kota Kinabalu. They went to KK before but they don’t get the chance to see KK with cute tourist guide (me). We also went to Kundasang so that they can feel the fresh cold air in Kundasang. They really overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery in Kundasang. The cabbages and houses on top of the hill really caught my mom’s attention. Hehe.. I took them to Desa Cattle, War memorial and Kinabalu Park.

Well, I just made a history in my life!

Oh! By the way, hehehe… I got a job offered from one of the company in Kuching. The interview was awesome! It was a non formal interview. We were having breakfast together, then I went to the office where the manager giving me a simple lecture about the company, then we went to the site at the swamp area in Matang to see the drilling process where I have to do the logging soon. Before we went back, we were having our lunch together at Grandma’s Bak Kut Teh. My bos is awesome! And friendly + good sense of humour. Hehe.. I will start on Wednesday! 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

my 23rd!

I just turned 23 few minutes ago!

Firstly, I would like to thank God because by his blessing I am able to become who I am today. Thank you to all my friends for the birthday wishes and also my family for being supportive in everything I do. 

I feel the same but I do hope that this number will bring much more sweet things in my life especially in my career.

I remembered when I was a kid, my parents will invite my neighbor and my friends to attend my birthday party. It’s not really a party actually, just a birthday dinner. The moment the guests left our home, I quickly unwrapped all the presents! That when I was a kid. When it came to teenager, I prefer to celebrate my birthday with my friends. We usually went out for dinner and I received some weird looking gift. Haha.. But it’s cool.. You know.. teenager. My parents still invite my close relatives for dinner at home. Birthday became more interesting when you celebrate it with your friends when you’re studying in university. Friends will do surprises for you. They will throw flour, egg or even a pail of water to you! They sometimes acting that they're forget about your birthday. Then, the birthday cake came out and everybody start to sing~

I just turned 23 lah.. Not fair… because 2011 will end soon and when 2012 starts.. my age is 24 because I was born in 1988. Can I just put 23 on my resume? 24 looks too old. Hehe..

Happy birthday Dorothy!

the birthday girl 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sanggup munuh anak

Apuuu... begau bala mensia laban kes ke nyadi ba Betong nya. Nembiak beranak ba asrama, udahnya alu nyayat anak iya empu. Ngagai kita ke baru nemu tauk google kita pasal kes nya.

Apuuu.. nyau baka ulah jelu!!

Indai janik nemu agi ngaya anak ari mensia!!

Ka kiamat hari tu, kempang ati ya ngaga anak mit nya bakanya!!

Pia ko sekeda jaku orang ke peda aku ba facebook. Facebook diatu jampat agi ari berita ke bukai. Mayuh udah orang post gambar baby nya ba wall peda aku. Nyau pansut perut (usus) anak mit nya dikereja ke indai ya.. Nda semua gak orang terus mengutuk, bejai ke indu nya. Bisi nya sekeda berunding enggau panjai pasal kes nya. Aku pan ka ringat2 gak meda utai bansa tu nyadi.. kelebih agi utai tu nyadi ba menua kitai.. kada nda bansa kitai empu neh.

Ba runding aku, ulah ke bansa nya sigi salah. Kati enda salah, laban nya udah munuh mensia.. Anak diri agi nya. Tang kitai mesti berunding agi bakani situasi nya sebenar nya. Kitai enda nemu nama utai udah di lalui indu nya. Tu ukai ngenang penyalah ya ke beleman enggau pangan ya. Tang situasi ya ke udah ngandung lalu beranak, enggau munuh anak iya empu.

Asai aku indu tu iya udah lenyau harapan, pikir iya nyau buntu lalu ngujung ke iya munuh anak nya. Udah gak pangan iya empu enggai bertanggungjawab. Dalam diri indu nya penuh enggau kebencian, api kemarahan. Iya pan lalu pandak runding, ngambi pisuk alu nyayat anak ya. Pemenci iya ke apai baby nya engka dilepas ke iya ngagai anak nya. Enti iya enggai ngempu anak nya iya tauk muai anak nya aja. Tang tu lalu disayat iya. Sifat keperimanusiaan ya udah lenyau maya nya. Tang aku pecaya, udah tu ila bisi asai kesal ba ati ya. Aku ngarapka Tuhan ulih nulung iya, meri iya harapan, pia mega ulih ngampun ke iya. Taja pan ukum dunia sigi nganti iya.

Pia mega pelaba aku iya nadai bulih sukung ari orang sekeliling ya. Nadai orang ke ulih ngiring iya maya iya ke ngandung ke anak nya. Ukai aku madah kitai patut nyukung sida, maksud aku tajapan sida iya udah kelanjur ngereja penyalah nya, anang sekali-kali kitai lalu bejai ke sida.. Kitai patut ngiring sida awakka utai bansa tu enda nyadi agi. Laban engka ketegal iya ti takut ke hal nya. Iya lalu diau diri aja. Kitai semua nemu penanggul tu penanggul ke besai, enti kitai kediri aja kitai udah tentu enda ulih ngesan penanggul nya kediri.

Takut ninga utai ke bansa tu nyadi ba menua kitai. Sebedau tu ninga orang bebuai ke anak aja. Tang tu nyau bebunuh ke anak ke baru ada. Akaaiii daiii.... nya aja utai ka dipadah aku.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

my day

This evening I went out to settle things that need to be settled. =)

The Photo Shop

I wanted to print a passport-size photo for my resume. Once I entered the shop, there were only two small kids. Perhaps siblings. One maybe in Year 2 and one maybe in Year 4. So, I tell her I want to print my photo. I expect she will be telling me to wait a bit because her father was not around. But then, she asked for my pendrive and started to do her job. Uploading photo, resize, simple adjustment and lastly print out the photo. I'm impressed! No doubt she will inherit the photo shop one day.

Celcom Centre

Then, I went to celcom centre to pay my broadband bill. I went straight to the counter because there were no other customer. While waiting for the payment process, a man who maybe in the age of 23-26 came in. He wanted to set his phone so that he could receive/access whatever messages in her girlfriend's phone number. The worker told him that it cannot be done. Then, he left. Hey, how can you do that to your gf? Your gf must be so tension with you. Love is about trust right? How can you love your partner if you do not trust her/him.

Computer Centre

Then, I went to the computer centre to print out my resume and cover letter. The shop assistant told me it is Rm1 per copy. Then, I was like.. Apuu.. mahal mai gak. (so expensive). I told her I just want B&W only. Yes, the price is for B&W. Left with no choice, so I just said OK. I had to pay Rm10! Urghh.. I left my printer in Miri. I need it back~